This debut album creates a recorded experience similar in format to Opulent Sound's live sound bath performances.

Created in Opulent Sound's private sound healing studio in Haiku, the recordings have been digitally enhanced and the album produced and mastered by Erothyme (Bobby West).

In this recording you will hear Rachael's Light Language tones, 2 Paiste gongs, 13 crystal singing bowls, 7 Tibetan singing bowls, and 3 Koshi chimes.

It is recommended to set aside 1 - 1.5 hours to listen to the album in full in a relaxed position laying down on a yoga mat or in a comfortable sitting position, in a space free of distractions. Listen to the opening and closing guided meditations at least once, as they provide helpful instructions to bring you in and out of the sound bath journey. 

For greatest effect play this album using a high quality stereo system or high quality headphones.


Released January 27, 2018

Opulent Sound is a collaboration between Rachael Webb and Mikaya Swabb. Light language toning by Rachael and guided meditation narrated by Mikaya. Crystal singing bowls played by Rachael. Gong and Tibetan singing bowls played by Mikaya. This album was produced and mastered by Erothyme (Bobby West). Audio recordings by Erothyme and Indio.