With the shifting of the seasons of our lives, Mikaya has decided to step away from Opulent Sound and pursue his own creative offerings.

Rachael is continuing to offer Sound Baths at the Makawao Union Church every Sunday (unless noted) at 7:15pm. Please visit for the full schedule and details.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for you and your sound healing. The Sound Bath tonight has been a magic ride that opened so much within me. I feel a shift within that is so powerful yet gentle. Thank you. I appreciate you so much. You have a gift and I am so blessed to be exploring it
— Petra Gilmore
Rachael and Mikaya make an incredibly special sound healing team. They genuinely channel so much light and love and hold a beautiful sacred space. Sound baths are powerful healing medicine and their combination of gongs, crystal & Tibetan bowls and voice is truly magical. If you want a vibration-raising, cleansing and healing experience, bless yourself with Rachael and Mikayas’ sound bath!
— Elli Yokochi